Advertising Tips That Can Increase Your Painting Business Profits This Year

How Advertising Can Explode Your Painting Business – An amazing thing happens when you don’t advertise – NOTHING! Many painting business owners as well as other types of service businesses have been affected by the economy over the last few years. But many fortunes are and were made during hard times. More millionaires were made during the great depression than any time in history. I guess it is true, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”!

The One Secret That Will EXPLODE any Business Opportunity – Do you have a product you love and are absolutely proud of? Do you have one that can make you a fortune if only you could get more sales? Well, guess what, help is here! The one magic ingredient that will EXPLODE any business opportunity is ENTHUSIASM.

You see, you don’t need to be a professional salesman when you are tremendously excited about what you sell. An enthusiastic salesman beats a bored pro any day of the week hands down! So if your advertising is in a slump, try adding enthusiasm. It works!

A Secret That Will Keep You In Profits All Year Long –  Want to know what will keep your painting business  or any service business profitable all year ’round? It’s having a never-ending source of fresh targeted leads. When you know how to shake fruit from your own private money tree you will have enough jobs to keep you happy and in profits for weeks, months and even years. If you have a “secret advertising place” that you can resort to when jobs run out, to get more work, one that never fails, you can make all the money you want or can handle.

Is Your Advertising Aggressiveness Held Back By Lack Of Self-Confidence – Hey, many of us that started a new painting business have had that fear. Unless your are an experienced house painter you probably have shied away from the type of customers that you know can offer you maximum profits. The other extreme is worrying about losing a painting bid and giving your work away. Confidence in your painting skills and advertising ability is the cure for this. The #1 rule in all business success is “readers are leaders”. Most businesses fail in their first year due to lack of knowledge.

How To Get Big Results In Your Advertising This Year – Do you know what the number one thing is that holds a painting business back from making any real money? You may have guessed it — the ability to take action in their advertising efforts. If you want to get big results from your advertising this year why not try the power of repetition? If enough of the right people see your company’s marketing message enough times, your company becomes more familiar to them. This familiarity makes you more trustworthy in the prospect’s eye.

Advertising Success Secrets That Creates Sales – Creating TRUST between you, the painting business owner and your potential painting customers is one of the best advertising secrets.

Here is a short list of ways to create that trust.

1. Testimonials – if you have a web site, add testimonials from satisfied customers on the front page. Even some before and after photos.

2. Follow-Ups – here is a biggie. 50% of all sales people NEVER follow up on potential customers. And half of the rest that do never make any more than a 2nd contact. Following up (at least once a month creates familiarity, which automatically builds trust and creates sales).

3. Communication – some people want to get more information from you. If you know what you are talking about it will be easy to answer their questions correctly and that builds confidence and trust between you and the prospect. Sometimes I don’t know the answer to their question and I will get back with them on it, which gives me follow-up advantages. The more you communicate with a qualified prospect, the more trust and familiarity is being generated.

How To Put Your Painting Business Profits on Steroids – As a professional painter, I have had a couple different customers that also own their own business literally get mad at me because I didn’t use “their service”. Hey, I would have, but I didn’t need it so why would I use it? What they really lack is an advertising system that will allow them to get all the business they can handle. The old “buy from me and I will buy from you” philosophy never made anyone rich. You simply need to find a formula that will get your products and/or services in front of as many “qualified prospects” as possible and that is it in a nutshell.

The Easiest Advertising I Have Ever Done Is For My Painting Business – I swear to God it’s true. You hear a lot of top secret advertising tips from professional marketers. And there are some pretty good courses on the subject of advertising as well. And expensive advertising can make you or break you in a New York minute when using the media to sell your products and services. But when it comes to offering people my services as a professional house painter it has always been very easy and very low-cost to get work.

Testimonials – A Powerful Source of FREE Advertising – When it comes to advertising, a testimonial about how great your company and service is holds more clout than your finest salesmanship. Fortunately as a painting business owner I don’t get asked for references much. But I do get jobs through word-of-mouth, which is basically the same thing.

Some painters may say you cannot rely on referrals alone, which is true. But I can tell you though that some referrals through others has gotten me some pretty high-end jobs as well as repeat business. So there you go, testimonials (free advertising or word-of-mouth) do pay off. You cannot be everywhere telling people about your painting company. And many people like recommendations. So what others say about you and your company DOES matter.

Who Is Your target Market For Your Painting Business – In the painting business market you hear a lot about high-end painters getting cut by low-priced painters. Even today I asked someone who they had that painted for them last and I asked “was it so-and-so company?” Their response was “NO WAY! His prices are way out there, nothing against Bob though.”

Now does Bob with his painting business react to such criticism and lower his high prices back down to Earth? No, I don’t think so. Bob knows who his target market is and he keeps advertising to as many of THEM as possible knowing that some of the others get in the way as you market. Whether you are a new painter with low prices, fall somewhere in between or are a larger company, there is a section of the painting market that is best suited to you.

3 Ways Treating Your Customers Well Can Get You More Business – There are some hidden things that some painting business owners do that most others never thought of.

Things as simple as…

1.) Sending out Christmas cards to their customers every year. It’s a simple follow-up, which is powerful and keeps your company name in front of them.

2.) Rewarding referrals – whenever someone or a customer refers you to another customer, which results in getting more business, send the person who referred you a nice little thank you card. If it is a large job referral, send them a gift card to a nice restaurant or some other thing you know they would like.

What if they got you a $5,000 job? Or thousands of dollars in work from their assorted circle of friends? Do you think that is worth a $100 gift card to a fancy restaurant?

3.) Send “thank you cards” at the end of jobs. Sending a small “Thank you for your business” shows professionalism, thankfulness  and courtesy.

How To Keep A Consistent Flow Of Leads – Would you like to keep a consistent flow of prospect and customer leads? It is said that in sales “One” is a lonely number. You may love your ONE method for getting sales leads for your painting business but what if it dried up? Having multiple ways of bringing in a consistent flow of new prospects and customers gives you peace of mind even if you don’t use them all, they are there just in case. The Author: Lee Cusano has owned and operated his own painting business since the early 1990s and since 2004 he has helped other painters as well. Visit Lee’s site and get his FREE REPORT! “How To Quit Your Day Job and DOUBLE or TRIPLE Your Income – Even This Week!”

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