5 Advertising Tips That Can Increase Your Painting Business Profits This Year – Part 2

Here in part 2 are more advertising tips in detail that can increase your profits this year. Just one secret listed here could be the winning formula for your business!

1.) How To Put Your Painting Business Profits on Steroids – As a professional painter, I have had a couple different customers that are also in business literally get mad at me because I didn’t use “their service”. Hey, I would have, but I didn’t need it so why would I use it? What they really lack is an advertising system that will allow them to get all the business they can handle.

The old “you buy from me and I will buy from you” philosophy never made anyone rich. You simply need to find a formula that will get your products and/or services in front of as many “qualified prospects” as possible.

2.) Word-of-mouth – A Powerful Source of FREE Advertising – When it comes to advertising, a testimonial about how great your company and service is holds more clout than your finest salesmanship. As a painter I don’t get asked for references much. But I do get jobs through word-of-mouth, which is basically the same thing.

Some painters may say you cannot rely on referrals alone, which is true. But I can tell you though that some referrals through others have gotten me some pretty high-end jobs.

3.) Who Is Your Target Market for Your Painting Business – you hear a lot about high-end painters getting cut by low-priced painters. Even today I asked someone what company was it that painted for them last. I asked “was it So-and-so company?” Their response was “NO WAY! His prices are way out there, nothing against Bob though.”

Now does Bob the painter react to such criticism and lower his high prices? No, because Bob knows WHO his target market is and he keeps advertising to as many of THEM as possible.

Whether you are a new painter with low prices, fall somewhere in between or are a larger company, there is a section of the painting market that is best suited to you.

4.) 3 Ways Treating Customers Well Can Get More Business – There are some hidden things that some painting business owners do and that most others don’t do. Things as simple as…

a.) Sending out Christmas cards to their customers. It’s a simple follow-up, which is powerful and keeps your company name in front of them.

b.) Rewarding Referrals – whenever a customer refers you to another customer who results in getting more business send the person who referred you a nice little thank you card. If it is a large job referral, send them a gift card to a nice restaurant or some other thing you know they would enjoy.

What if they got you a $5,000 job? Or thousands of dollars in work through their assorted circle of friends? Do you think that is worth a $100 gift card to a fancy restaurant or store? You bet it is.

c.) Send “thank you cards” at the end of jobs. Sending a small “Thank you for your business” shows professionalism, thankfulness and courtesy.

5.) How To Keep A Constant Flow of Leads – Would you like to keep a consistent flow of customer leads? It is said that in sales “one” is a lonely number. You may love your ONE method for getting sales leads for your painting business but what if it dries up? Having multiple ways of bringing in a constant flow of new customers gives you peace of mind.

http://www.painting-business.com/Lee%20on2.jpgAbout The Author: Lee Cusano has owned and operated his own painting business since the early 1990s and since 2004 he has helped other painters as well. Visit Lee’s site and get his FREE REPORT! “How To Quit Your Day Job and DOUBLE or TRIPLE Your Income – Even This Week!” http://HowToPaintLikeAPro.com

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