5 Advertising Tips That Can Increase Your Painting Business Profits This Year – Part 1

Here are some advertising tips in detail that can help to increase your profits this year. Just one idea could be the secret you were looking for.

1.) How To Keep Profits Up – An amazing thing happens when you don’t advertise – NOTHING! Many painting business owners have been affected by the economy over the last few years. But remember many fortunes were and are made during hard times.

2.) One Secret That EXPLODES Any Business – Do you have a product or service you love and are absolutely proud of? Do you have one that can make you a small fortune if only you could get more sales? Well, guess what, the one magic ingredient that will EXPLODE any business sales is ENTHUSIASM. An enthusiastic salesman beats a bored pro any day of the week hands down!

3.) Is Your Advertising Aggressiveness Held Back By Lack of Self-confidence? Hey, many of us that started a new painting business have had that fear. Unless your are an experienced house painter you probably have shied away from the type of customers that you know can offer you maximum profits.

The other extreme is worrying about losing a painting bid and giving your work away. Confidence in your painting skills and advertising ability is the cure for this. The #1 rule in all business success is “readers are leaders”. Most businesses fail in their first year due to lack of knowledge. Get your painting knowledge and skills up and your confidence will go up as well.

4.) How To Get Better Results In Your Advertising This Year – Do you know what the number one thing is that holds a painting business back from making any real money? You may have guessed it. It is the ability to more effective in their advertising efforts.

If you want to get better results from your advertising this year why not try the power of repetition? If enough of the right people see your company’s marketing message enough times, your company becomes more familiar to them. This familiarity makes you trustworthy in the prospect’s eye.

5.) Advertising Success Secrets that Creates Sales – Creating TRUST and BELIEVABILITY between you and your potential customers is one of the best advertising secrets. Here is a short list of ways to create that believability and trust.

a. Testimonials – if you have a web site, add testimonials from satisfied customers on the front page.

b. Follow Ups – 50% of all sales people NEVER follow up on potential customers. And 50% of the rest that does never make any more than a 2nd contact. Following up (at least quarterly creates familiarity, which automatically builds trust and creates sales).

c. Communication – some people want to get more information from you. If you know what you are talking about it will be easy to answer their questions correctly and that builds confidence and trust between you and the prospect. If you cannot answer their question properly get back with them. The more you communicate with a qualified prospect, the more trust and familiarity is being generated.

http://www.painting-business.com/Lee%20on2.jpgAbout The Author: Lee Cusano has owned and operated his own painting business since the early 1990s and since 2004 he has helped other painters as well. Visit Lee’s site and get his FREE REPORT! “How To Quit Your Day Job and DOUBLE or TRIPLE Your Income – Even This Week!” http://HowToPaintLikeAPro.com

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