Many of you who have gotten info on my “Paint Like a Pro
system” have also gotten info on starting a profitable
star mural business. Star murals are not only fun, they’re
easy and they command huge profits due to their perceived
value which, like drywall repair is REAL PERCEIVED VALUE!

I am writing you to state that offering star murals to
your existing customers is easy money since you are
already in their homes or already do business with them!
If so, all you have to do is show them a sample star
poster (even ask to get their opinion on it since everyone
loves to give their opinions). This will get them to look
at it and it may result in a sale later on if not
instantly once they see it!

This perfect add-on service could mean hundreds of extra
dollars in your pocket for just a day or two of easy, fun

Go to http://amazingstarmurals.com and claim your free
sample star poster today. It’s only $17 s/h for a large
tri-fold display board and it could give you instant down
payments from family, friends and neighbors (and from
existing customers)! It makes a great test and a safe way
to see if there really is a profitable business for you in
all this.

Yours for painting business profits,
Lee Cusano

P.S. Just look for this message near the top of the page:
==> Claim Your FREE Sample HERE! <== http://amazingstarmurals.com/demo-poster-order-page-2/

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