7 Tips On How To Find Painting Jobs To Grow Your House Painting Business Fast

7 Tips On How To Find Painting Jobs To Grow Your House Painting Business Fast

Hi, Lee Cusano here from HowToPaintLikeaPro.com

1.) How to find painting jobs is not a hard thing to do.  The first thing you want to do is fish in the right pond where the money is.  That is what I have always done.

But in the beginning I did start out small working for less money and gained painting skills and confidence as I went along.

2.) Once you start your painting business, word-of-mouth or referrals will come your way naturally through your customer’s circle of friends and acquaintances.

3.) You can use more than one form of advertising to get business.  For example, I used to advertise in our local shopper guide but after a while I soon found that the customers I needed for painting were not in there.  I had outgrown that level of people “price-wise”.

I would go do a painting estimate for someone and they couldn’t afford it or thought my prices were unreasonable.  At one time my prices were not that high, but after a while you get good and if you know how to estimate paint jobs correctly, you will be too expensive for most people to afford.

4.) The Yellow Pages is a good advertising medium but it is slow to get going in because you have to wait for the next years phone book to come out.  So it cannot be your only source for getting painting jobs.

The Yellow Pages can also be expensive. They give new businesses a price break and each year the price break diminishes by 10% until you’re paying full price for your ads.  So each year you go back it’s a little higher, but once you are established, you should be able to afford it.

5.) And sometimes the ad reps can mess up your account.  One year they never charged me for about 6 months.  Then all of a sudden they wanted me to pay the whole back amount instead of admitting that it was their fault and just start billing me the normal amount monthly from that point on.

Instead they wanted six months of money all at once.  I am not their account manager.  I don’t get paid to keep them their records straight for them.  I should not of had to call them and oversee their mistakes.  They should have billed me the normal amount once they got THEIR mistake figured out, but they didn’t.

6.) So the Yellow Pages can be good, but watch out for “asleep-at-the-wheel employees” as many are, who can “snafu your account” with things like forgetting to run your ad even!  Yeah, that happened to one of my commercial customers.  He had to go one whole year with no ad in the phone book!

I don’t know how that mess ended, whether they made good or what.  His competition probably loved it.

7.) For best results on “how to find painting jobs” get with a house painter that has done it successfully for years.  He can tell you how he gets most of his business.

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