How To Market A Painting Business Profitably Without Spending A Lot Of Money

How To Market A Painting Business Profitably Without Spending A Lot Of Money

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The secret on how to market a painting business is simple.  Just go where the money is.

Is the money in buying house painting leads, painter leads or contractor leads from professional lead companies?  I would say, only if you’re the owner of the lead company.

Hey, don’t get me wrong selling leads is a great business to be in because it offers you repeat income.  Buy hey again, as a painting business contractor, you have a diamond mine right in your own back yard.  There are thousands of possible houses to be painted in your own hometown or nearby town.

In all my years as a painting contractor, I have never bought painting leads so I don’t really know much about them.  I have done Yellow Pages advertising, which was effective but gets more expensive each year.  Plus sometimes they screw your account up.  It has happened to me personally.

I have a painting customer who owns his own investment company.  One year he renewed his Yellow Pages ad and they screwed up and forgot to include it in the phone book.  Do you realize how long it will take them to correct that?  Yep!  One whole solid year!  And the Yellow Pages reps are not very nice about inconveniencing your business either, at least that’s my experience with our local phone company.

This is why my own methods of getting my own FREE house painting leads has always been a sure winner for me.  Once you start getting your own leads, you can always experiment buying leads or Yellow Pages ads.  You can even start a painting business website and FaceBook page.

The simple painting business marketing methods I teach work well and you don’t even need the internet.  As a matter of fact, I have landed painting jobs that have made me thousands and thousands of dollars in short periods of time, let alone over the years.  That’s with no lead company, no Yellow Pages ad and no weird internet leads.

My painting business runs very simple.  I only use a few pieces of paperwork, nothing expensive or hi-tech.  The only thing I go all out on is my painting (how the job looks when it’s finished) and the professional coatings I use to make it happen.

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